Obesity Among Black Women

I live in Nashville. There is an ongoing rivalry between Nashville and Memphis. In black Nashville, we like to think of ourselves as the squeaky-clean brown town best known for our colleges and churches. In contrast, black Memphis is known for its music and bars and churches. We often tease the city up the road by saying that in Nashville we have a church on every corner and in Memphis they have a church and a liquor store on every corner. Only now the saying goes, there’s a church, a liquor store and a dialysis center on every corner in black Memphis. ~ See the complete article by clicking the tab concerning obesity in black women.

This article deals with the cultural struggle that black women have with losing weight. Most black men want a thick (actually overweight, and unhealthy) woman.

In my preaching ministry, I preach unadulterated gospel, I don’t pull punches and I don’t seek the line of popularity. If I step on some toes, its best because that means they won’t be in the isle the next time I come around. Well, it is time to take the same approach with My Campaign Against Obesity.

There is not a group of people killing themselves faster than African Americans and African American women are at the top of the least. As this article states, cultural paradigms have convinced the black women that she is better overweight, but what this paradigm has not taught the black women is that her thickness is killing her. It is shaving years off of her life. It is robbing her of precious time with her grand kids. This paradigm of thickness has not revealed that it comes with greater risk of cancer and infertility. It has not revealed that it robs kids of their parents far too soon. Four out of every five black women in america are consider obese.

Ladies, the culture has lied to you when it told you that genetically you just have big bones. Big bones don’t cause diabetes, big bones don’t cause cancer, big bones don’t cause hypertension.

Ladies, the threat is real and it is not going away. When I counsel people attempting to lose weight I use the same principle as when I counsel others on spiritual matters. The truth is losing weight is just a spiritual as praying. Our bodies are the temple of God, take a look right now today of where you have God living. What have you done to His house. Allow me to make this perfectly clear, this is not about aesthetics; pulchritude has nothing to do with it. If being 5’4″ and 200 lbs had no health risks associated with it, I would say go for it, but unfortunately, at that weight you are easily taking 20 years off your life. That’s twenty less years with your kids and grand kids. That is 20 less years with your husband, most importantly, it is 20 less years you have to give to the service of the kingdom and that is why you here right now.

I am willing to work with each of you to reach your goals. If for some reason you don’t want to work with me, find a competent professional to help you reach your goals. I write school programs and curriculums for health and wellness. I believe that the epidemic of obesity is reversible because I believe in the power of God to transform.  What I need you to do is to wake up, and give me a call. I will walk this thing out with you step by step. I have designed a virtual program called VTX-12 that will allow me to effective train you irregardless to where you are.

Ladies, and gentlemen, it is time to step up and take care of our temples. I expect each person that is not at their ideal weight to take their temple serious enough to contact me. No Excuses. ~ Dr. Rick Wallace

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