VTX-12 Training System

VTX-12 Fitness System

Dr. Rick Wallace and Master Fitness 21 would like to introduce VTX-12, the new virtual fitness system that incorporates physical training, proper nutrition, and personal specificity in program design.

Dr. Rick Wallace Ph.D., the Founder & President of Stay Fit Fitness & Training, Master Fitness 21 and Dean of A.R.O.H. Theological Seminary’s School for the Ministry of Health and Wellness says VTX-12 is the culmination of years of research and experience and was driven by a passion to provide a system that was effective and affordable. The system combines proper nutrition (which includes portion coaching, nutritional education, meal management, etc), physical training (a program designed specifically based on the needs of each individual’s personal and health driven goals, with consideration being given to all limitations), and personal one on one virtual coaching (the next best thing to having your own personal trainer).

In May of 2012 Dr. Wallace launched The National Campaign against Obesity as a way to engage the growing epidemic of Obesity in America. With a combined Obesity prevalence in America of over 50%, Dr. Wallace said that He could either sit back or step up and do something about it. He decided to jump right into the center of the war on obesity. While reviewing strategies designed to battle obesity he noticed a serious problem; those most highly affected by the disease (those bound by the socioeconomic shackles of financial strain) were not able to afford to be a part of programs that would increase their chances for success. The end result: VTX-12. For a fraction of the cost of a personal fitness training program for 10 weeks at 2 sessions per week, you can have a 5 day training program, 7 day nutritional program, online accountability system, and your own personal fitness coach for 12 weeks. The great thing is you can be anywhere in the US and take advantage of this great program.

Dr. Rick Wallace

The system even includes an online program that allows the client to log training sessions and all meals as well as share goals with others. This has a built in support system and accountability factor. The fitness coach assigned to an individual can go online to monitor the progress of their client, irregardless of geographical location, providing valuable feedback and encouragement to keep the client headed in the right direction.

So for those who are struggling to reach their ideal weight or maybe your doctor has told you that you need to lose weight for the sake of your overall health, whatever the situation, VTX-12 can provide the help you need to successfully reach your goals. There is no need to be a victim of obesity, get started now!

For more information and to get started please contact the Support Team at LifeChange@masterfitness21.xyz

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