Does Pure Forskolin Work to Produce Weight Loss?

Does Pure Forskolin Work to Produce Weight Loss?

Article Published on Nov. 16, 2016 | by Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D. | Master Fitness 21
Pure Forskolin

Pure Forskolin

It is not uncommon to see ads and articles claiming to represent the “next new thing” in weight loss supplements, such as pure Forskolin. Generally the claims are highly over the top, and seem unbelievable, and for good reason. There are multitudinous reasons why many of these supplements don’t perform at the level advertised. One of the most common reasons for underperformance of any type of health supplement is the fact that the industry is extremely underregulated — meaning that there are times when the advertised extract is not even in the product, and there are other times when the extract is in the product, but it is inconsistent, producing inconsistent results.

One product that has hit the supplement market with a powerful bang is pure Forskolin extract. While the name is new to most people, the truth is that the extract from this mint plant has been used for centuries for a number of natural treatments. While all of the exposure surrounding pure Forskolin in centered on weight loss, the plant has been used for much more throughout history. When I was approached as asked to support this product, I had two primary questions that I needed to answer before I would be willing to endorse the product on any level.

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The first question that needed answering was that of product quality and effectiveness. Basically, I needed to know that the product did what it claimed to do. Secondly, I needed to know was the product harmful. Were there any negative side effects that could make taking the product dangerous?

What I found during my initial research was interesting. It turns out that pure Forskolin was actually useful for more than weight loss, meaning that it had ancillary benefits that made its use worthwhile outside of the weight loss spectrum.

What I will say is that I would like to remove the hype from the product and focus on its practical potency in the way of holistic health. Please understand that there are no substitutes for consistent exercise and proper nutritional intake, and this includes the use of Forskolin. However, this product does serve as a powerful tool in subsidizing your workouts and nutritional plan. It has been advertised as lightening in a bottle by some very well-known doctors and nutritionists, who were willing to stake their reputation behind. My 28 years in the health and fitness industry has developed within me a strong appreciation for physical activity and the intake of a low calorie, high nutrition diet.

I have seen a lot trends come and go, but developing a unique and specific fitness plan will always produce efficacious results. If you would like for us to design a plan just for you, check out our VTX-12 Program. With all of this being said, I admit that the pure Forskolin product does have some exceptional benefits, which include weight loss assistance.

According to some of the studies that are available on the product, it seems that pure Forskolin is actually better at preventing weight gain than actually promoting weight loss.

Following are some marked and substantiated benefits of Forskolin.

  • It helps to manage weight in overweight and obese people
  • Effective as integral part of a treatment plan for cancer
  • Reduces high blood pressure
  • Used in ancient natural medicine to treat various diseases
  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Helps manage asthma attacks
  • Treats symptoms of glaucoma
  • May be useful in treating Alzheimer’s patients

While I definitely endorse the use of Forskolin for any of the symptoms and conditions listed here, due to the lack of quality with many over the counter supplements, the only form of the product that I endorse is pure Forskolin. For safety reasons, it’s imperative that you only purchase supplements from trusted companies. If you are interested in purchases Forskolin, click the following link.

Struggling to lose weight? Try Pure Forskolin Extract today!

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