Lose Weight Naturally with Garcinia Cambogia

Lose Weight Naturally with Garcinia Cambogia
Ever since Dr. Oz aired his special on Garcinia Cambogia, there seems to be an ongoing discussion concerning this natural extract. It is no secret that America is in the midst of a health crisis as far as obesity is concerned. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has declared obesity to be an epidemic in America. Obesity among adults has reach nearly 38 percent, while obesity among children 17 and under is at more than 17 percent. The need to lose weight has never been so prevalent and there are many who struggle with reaching their ideal weight. For those who have struggled with losing weight, garcinia cambogia may be the answer to your problems.
No, it is not some miracle potion that miraculously causes you to shed off pounds. Garcinia cambogia is, however, one of the most popular weight loss supplements on the market. The extract that has been taken from this plant has a double function in the dynamic of weight loss. First, it functions as a natural appetite suppressant, helping you manage the amount of food you consume in a given period. Next, it works to naturally block the production and storage of fat. There is also evidence that it promotes lean muscle development.
So, to answer the question: Does garcinia cambogia work? The answer is absolutely. It not only works, but it is one of the most affordable natural weight loss supplements on the market.
How it Works
In order to gain a more lucid understanding of how this extract works to help reduce body fat, you must first understand what causes body fat. The body is basically an organic machine. It has functions that require and energy source or fuel. The fuel is measured in incremental units called calories. The rate at which the body burns these units of energy is called the metabolic rate. So, a person’s metabolic rate is the rate at which they burn calories in a given period (normally 24 hours).
When the body consumes more calories (energy units) than it burns in a day, it will store the excess units away for future use. The way that the body stores the surplus of calories is by storing them as fatty acid in fat cells. Under ideal conditions, a person would only consume the amount of calories necessary to carry out the organic functions of the day: however, there are those times in which more food is consumed than what can be burned off. The only way to rectify this is to create an energy demand to utilize the excess calories.
The problem is that when the body consistently takes in more calories than it burns, it will consistently store it as fat. For every 3,500 calories that you consume over the amount that you burn, you add one pound of fat to your body composition.
The first way that garcinia cambogia works to counteract the process of increasing body fat is to reduce your appetite – lowering the amount of calories consumed in a day. The next way that it helps is by working to naturally block the production of fat in the body. Both the suppressing of the appetite and the blocking of fat production is 100 percent natural. An added bonus to using this extract is the fact that it is believed to block the product of cortisol. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone and it is notorious for inhibiting the burning and expulsion of fat.
Although you will find many people that will talk about how garcinia cambogia frees you from having to diet and exercise, I would recommend maintaining a healthy nutritional balance and an active lifestyle. There is no substitute for proper nutrition and exercise.
Garcinia cambogia is a natural fruit that grows in Southeast Asia and India. The fruit has sort of a bitter taste. This is why most people prefer to take the extract in pill form. No, this is not a miracle drug, but this plant-extract supplement provides a healthy way to supplement your existing weight loss program, which should include proper nutrition and exercise.

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As always, consult your Doctor before changing your diet or workout routine. Dr. Rick Wallace

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