Living Healthy by Divine Order

When we observe the current state of health of America as a whole we find that the nation is deteriorating rapidly. The primary barometer is obesity. Because obesity can be linked to so many diseases and poor health conditions, it is single handedly destroying a generation.
Paul told Timothy that though there is definitely a preeminent need for godliness; physical training has some value as well. He also told the Corinthian Church that their bodies were the Temple of God.
One of the problems that believers are battling is that there has not been a true, accurate and symmetrical representation of the Christian way of life and the responsibility associated with it from a spiritual vs. physiological perspective. When it comes to sins against the body, such as adultery and fornication, there is great emphasis placed on them; however, when it comes to adequately maintaining the temple (which is our bodies), very little is presented. A great deal of weight is given to the need to grow spiritually, but the teaching about the responsibility to properly develop and maintain the physical vessel.
Spirituality has been afforded great value (which it should) while physical health and fitness has been neglected. What many fail to realize is the fact that without a healthy body it is impossible to fully actuate your potential and carry out God’s plan for your life. Your vessel is how God manifests His plan here on earth. For every spiritual implication, there is a physical action.
Dr. Rick Wallace
It all begins with making the right health choices. It takes discipline and commitment, but the Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit produces the necessary fruit to execute the self-control necessary to fulfill all of the requirements of being a good Christian, including properly maintaining the temple.

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