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In the 20 plus years that I have been involved in the health and fitness arena I have witnessed a great deal. I have met multitudinous people that have struggled with controlling or losing weight. I have been able to help these people find solutions to their weight loss challenges. I still believe the most effective way to engage the struggles that you are having with losing weight is to hire a professional and allow them to work with you. The results will be seen quicker and they will be accomplished in a manner that is safe and will allow you sustain them. For those who cannot afford a fitness or health professional to consult with you, I recommend Turbo Metabolism. Turbo Metabolism is a concise eBook that can be downloaded to your laptop, eReading device, smartphone, iPod, etc. this book reveals to you valid and legitimate ways to kick start your metabolism.
In losing or gaining weight, there is a simple formula: If you put your body into caloric surplus, you will gain weight. Caloric surplus is the state of having taken in more calories than your body will burn in a day. In the same way, if you put your body in caloric deficit (less calories than burned) you will lose weight. Gaining and losing weight is done at a rate of 1 pound gained/loss for every 3,000 calories in surplus/deficit. Your metabolism, in its simplified definition, is the rate that your body burns calories. There are a number of reasons why your metabolism will slow down. As a fitness expert, one of the things that I specialize in is putting bodies in caloric deficit in healthy and sustainable ways. Turbo Metabolism teaches you a number techniques and concepts that will show you how to place your body in caloric deficit and manage your weight loss in a healthy and sustainable way.
When I launched The National Campaign Against Obesity in early May of this year (2012), I did it because of my passion to help others in need. What most don’t realize is that obesity (BMI of 30) is directly associated with the top killers in the US. Obesity is directly associated with Coronary Heart Disease, Hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, Osteoarthritis, Three of the Deadliest Cancers, Infertility Issues in Women, High Cholesterol, and more. With the nation as a whole at an obesity prevalence rate of >50%, we have reached epidemic proportions. This means we are slowly killing ourselves.
Dr. Rick Wallace Ph.D.
Creator of VTX-12

Honestly I would love to work with you through my National Program, VTX-12to help you lose weight, but if you truly can’t afford the cost of working with a professional, I definitely suggest that you take advantage of the knowledge revealed in Turbo Metabolism. ~ Dr. Rick Wallace Ph.D. ~ Founder & President of Master Fitness 21~ Dean of the School for the Ministry of Health & Wellness at A.R.O.H. Theological Seminary ~ 214-755-1509.

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