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When I launched The National Battle Against Obesity back in May of this year, I knew it would be a challenge to convince people of the importance of controlling their weight and increasing their fitness level. With over 20 years of experience it the health & wellness industry I have seen almost everything. And people fight change, even when their life depends on it.
I have seen all kinds of fads that people spent hundred and even thousands of dollars on. The thing is that weight loss must be achieved and sustained through natural and healthy means. Unless weight loss is achieved naturally through some sort of life style change or a combination of changes, it will not be successful or any achieved success will not be sustainable.
Outside of my new VTX-12training system, there are a number of resources that are relatively inexpensive and provide the information for the self-motivated individual to set and achieve goals that are conducive to better health and a longer life. I have decided to profile some of these resources on a number of my sites.
The first of many is the eBook, “Losing Weight Nature’s Way” is a book that provides solid guidance on developing a life style that will allow you to shed excess weight and keep it off without the unsustainable fads. In The National Campaign Against Obesity we are striving to reverse the epidemic of obesity that is ravaging America. Obesity is directly associated with Type 2 Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease, Hypertension, Stroke, Osteoarthritis, several types of lethal cancers, and so much more. This nation is slowly killing itself, unfortunately African Americans are leading the charge right off the cliff.
It has been proven that consistent exercise and proper diet can be more effective than medication alone in dealing with almost all of these illnesses and their precursor (obesity). I have personally seen people get off of their heart, hypertension, diabetes and kidney medications, by adopting a healthier lifestyle. Losing Weight Nature’s Way will provide you with vital information that will equip you to develop a holistic lifestyle in which you can improve your health in every area. For less than $10.00 total you can find the answer to a great deal of the enigmatic issues you face when attempting to lose weight and keep it off.
For those of you that are not self-motivated, I encourage you to try my new VTX-12 Virtual Training System.

Working together, we can make a difference. Our kids have already been affected by this disease with an alarming obesity prevalence among minors of over 17% and growing. Let’s set the example. ~ Dr. Rick Wallace Ph.D. Dean of the School for the Ministry of Health & Wellness – A.R.O.H. Theological Seminary for more information on more advanced methods of weight loss please contact me directly at 214-755-1509

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